We support the system construction through the continuous system of development, design and production

Mectron products are utilized in the forefront of various industrial fields. On those products, we concentrate processing know-how that we ourselves have cultivated through the precision processing and the effects of the automated engineering etc. We keep the attitude of not only developing from the point of view as a machine tools maker but also, onthe base of our experience, considering the producing system for better parts as it ought to be. As the Mectron's mission, we regard acting as a system planner for the customers' producing parts and providing products as the production environment to meet the needs of the times. For the mission, it is indispensable to improve the quality of service for the customers as well as the quality of the products. On these points of view, the sales staffs and the groups of development and design in Mectron expand the customers' support by cooperating closely. The 21st century of revolution and creation. In this era, Mectron would like to develop continuously as a true useful maker for the customers.