Space saving loader is equipped.

X axis stroke
X axis Rapid Traverse Rate
X axis Driving force
X axis Drive system
AC Servomotor
Z axis stroke
Z axis Rapid traverse Rate
Z axis Driving force
Z axis Driving system
AC Servomotor with the brake
Standard 3 Jaws air Chuck
Loader shift stroke
Drive system
Air cylinder
Y axis stroke
Y axis Rapid Traverse Rate
Y axis Driving force
Y axis Drive system
AC Servomotor
Life up stroke
Feed speed
5,550(Down), 9,750(Up) mm/min 219(Down), 384(Up) "/min
Driving force
Drive system
Air cylinder
Standard container
Gifu plastic (BL-11)
Outward form size of the container
Valid size of the container
Valid size of the palletizing
Loading height of the container
8 step 645 mm (25.4")
Storage number of the container
Max.8 (Standard container)
Storage weight of the container
Max.15kg (33Lbs) (1 container)
Max. work size and the weight
φ50(diameter), 60mm(length), 0.5kg(weight)
φ1.97"(diameter), 2.4"(length), 1.1Lbs(weight)
Time of work carrying-out or carrying-in
Palette change time
Stocker size (WxDxH)
Number of the program
5 (Standard program)
Power capacity required
Air supply
*Note : Changes a specification in the container kind and the size and so on.
Option: Slide type container base, Turning-over equipment, IN/OUT conveyor, Cart